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DVD Shops

Shopping In Wales Home Page

Film Buff?

We all love to watch a good film. Specially on DVD these days. DVD's have so much to offer us. They have extras with extended endings, alternate endings, commentary throw the film by your favorite actor and director, cut scenes and loads of other extras. Obviously the main attraction of DVD's is that they give us a much better cinema effect from our comfortable arm chairs. offers us all the best DVD's around at a very low price. They also have loads of great special offers on hundreds of DVD's. So go and have a look for your self by clicking on the screen shot above or clicking here

What is Multi-region?

Region coding is a very restrictive practice which ensures that STANDARD DVD players can only play movie titles designated for that region. The disadvantage of region coding does mean that the latest Hollywood titles pressed in the USA for region 1 cannot play on a STANDARD region 2 DVD player.

Their are many advantages of buying region 1 discs, namely early release, extra features and most importantly lower pricing.

However, there is a solution in the name of Multi-Region DVD players. With the latest Multi-region enabled DVD players it is now possible to play DVD titles from all regions!

Dixons Dixons is a well know high street shop for all it's electrical goods. Now they have really started competing with the internet based electrical shops by giving us special online prices. Everything you would expect from Dixons but at that special online price. Click here to find a DVD Player at Dixons. Ebay is the worlds biggest and most well know auction site in the world. At Ebay you can find absolutely anything, and i mean anything. So if you are looking for an unusual DVD and can't seem to find it anywhere, then it is time to check on Ebay. Click here for Ebay.

PriceStorm Pricestorm offers you all the best DVD's at very affordable prices. Pricestorm have all the newest DVD releases and loads of special offers on every DVD you can think of. All DVD's are delivered for free. Click here to get cheap DVD's now!.

Tesco We all know and love Tesco. Tesco brings us everything we could ever want and more, and now they have extended their arm to provide us with some top quality DVD Players at the expected low price Tesco's brings us. So why pay more as Tesco say. Click here for great low cost DVD players from Tesco. If you looking for a DVD player that can play every region you can think of for next to nothing, then you should check out At they have multi region DVD Players starting at under £40! Now if that isn't a bargain i don't know what is! So Click here to get your self a great DVD player.

Bensons World Looking for that DVD that seems so hard to find? Well i'll bet that Bensons World have got that DVD you're looking for. At Bensosn World they've got all the newest DVD's, weather it is region 1 or 2. Click here to find that DVD you've been looking for.

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